Did you know that brittle, broken nails can be due to a lack of collagen?

In one study, 25 participants were given one 2.5-gram dose of collagen peptide each day for 24 weeks.  Here’s what they found:

  • 12% increase in nail growth
  • 42% drop in broken nails
  • 64% overall improvement in formerly brittle nails

Plus, 88% of the participants also reported these positive changes were visible in as little as four weeks!

Reasons for decreasing collagen:

  1. UV radiation decreases collagen production.
  2. Vitamin C deficiencies decreases collagen production, since Vitamin C is required for the proper formation of collagen.
  3. Smoking decreases collagen production.
  4. Stress and lack of sleep decrease collagen production.
  5. High blood sugar and diabetes decrease bone quality.

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