You’re probably familiar with the claims about collagen’s
magical anti-ageing properties for your skin health.
But what does the research say?

In one recent study, scientists wanted to see how collagen would affect collagen peptides found in the skin. The study observed 69 women between the ages of 35 and 55 for eight weeks. Women who took a collagen supplement showed noticeable differences in skin elasticity compared to women who took a placebo.

What’s even more interesting is the older women in the collagen group actually experienced more noticeable improvements, possibly because collagen production decreases with age, leaving greater room for improvement. Another study found that oral supplementation with collagen improved skin hydration levels in just eight weeks[*].

Here’s an important finding to note: Researchers discovered the changes in the participants’ skin only when hydrolyzed collagen was consumed[*]. Why? When this form of collagen is ingested, it’s immediately absorbed by your gut and is sent straight to your joints and skin through the highway that is your bloodstream.