The direct link to order via Takealot:

If you are unsure of how Takealot works, herewith detailed instructions:

On your phone: 

Step 1:

On your phone: Download the Takealot app from your app store OR

On your pc: Open

Step 2 – Once the app or website has loaded, click on the “search bar”.

Step 3 –  Type the words “BMB collagen” in the search bar and click “enter”.

Step 4 –  Make sure you choose the correct product and click on the product listing.

Step 5 –  Click on “add to cart”.

Step 6 –  If you want to order more than 1, click on the blue PLUS sign until you’ve reached your desired quantity. Click on “go to cart”.

Step 7 –  A summary of your cart contents will show. Make sure that you are happy with the products and the prices. Click on “checkout”.

Step 8 –  For this example, we are assuming that you want to have the product delivered. Click on “Delivery”.

Step 9 –  We’ll assume this is the first time you order from Takealot, therefore there won’t be any delivery addresses yet. Click on “Add delivery address”.

Step 10 –  Choose whether you want your products to be delivered to your home or work address. In this example, we are choosing a residential address.

Step 11 –  Complete all your details below. Make sure to include building numbers, street numbers, postal codes etc (where applicable). Then click on “save”.

Step 12 –  Sometimes, there will be more than one delivery option available. Some might be more expensive than others (for example, if you want your delivery on a Saturday). In the example below, there is only one available option, so click on that. NB, Takealot delivery is free if your order is above R450. If your order value is less than R450, a delivery fee will be listed in this step. (it’s usually R60).

Step 13 –  You can choose to donate R5 toward Takealot’s charity, or you can decline it.

Step 14 –  The payment page will now be loaded. Click on “change” link if you are not happy with the payment option that is currently displayed. In this example, we want to pay with credit card, and not via EFT. So we’ll click on “change” and select “credit card” on the next screen.


Step 15 –  Make sure that your selected way of payment displays now and click on “pay with credit card”. (if you chose another option, it will show pay with payfast, or pay with mobicred etc). Please note that COD is not available during lockdown, as Takealot is making use of a no-contact-delivery method.

Step 16 –  Once again, we’ll assume that this is a first time purchase, therefore you’ll have to click on “add new card”.

Step 17 –  Complete all your card details. Once the details have been completed, the “Pay” button will be clickable. Click on PAY and you’re done 🙂