There is a big misunderstanding / misconception about collagen versus gelatin. What is the difference between the 2 products actually?

This article will provide all the answers…

The building blocks of both are exactly the same. In other words, it is made from the same raw materials. The biggest difference is that gelatin is not absorbable. It can be absorbed some extent, but not well at all.

When gelatin is further processed, you get collagen. When collagen is processed even further (to optimize its absorption) you get “peptides” or “pep-tan”, as found in BMB Collagen. It is also known as hydrolyzed collagen. There is therefore an improvement in the absorption from gelatin to collagen, and a further improvement in the absorption from collagen to pep-tan (hydrolyzed collagen).

A big misconception is that collagen is only needed for women’s skin, hair and nails. That’s not the case at all!

  • 90% of the whites of your eye are made up of collagen.
  • 80% of your joints are collagen.
  • 70-80% percent of your skin is collagen.
  • 60% of all cartilage is collagen.
  • 30% of all your bone is collagen
  • Up to 10% of all your muscles are made up of collagen.

The challenge is as follows: As you get older, your collagen production decreases. In other words, everything mentioned above, becomes weaker… You might start struggling with your eyesight; your joints, muscles and bones become weaker; your skin will start to get wrinkles… The list just goes on and on!

So what do you need? A collagen supplement!

Important: It does not make sense using a product with an collagen absorption rate of only 10%, when you can invest in a product with a collagen absorption rate of between 90-95%.

BMB Collagen is patented because we put a decent, effective product on the market. Most studies show that a collagen powder is absorbed better than any capsule or cream. That’s why BMB Collagen is in powder form. It is a delicious, tasty drink mixed in cold water. The reason for cold water is so that it does not damage the amino acid bond, as is the case when gelatin is mixed in hot water.

Secondly, we included other top quality raw materials into the mix, which makes it an incredibly good quality product: Vitamin C, Zinc, Co-Enzyme Q10 and L-Carnosine.

What is very important for any collagen product, is that it should contain Vitamin C. Without Vitamin C, collagen cannot be absorbed. One of the causes of a decrease in collagen production in your body is indeed a Vitamin C deficiency.

Another ingredient is zinc. Zinc is incredibly important for the health of your skin. It also helps strengthen your skin’s immune system – which means that a zinc deficiency can lead to acne. (Collagen is therfore a great product for teens with problem skin!)

The following two products are the reason why BMB Collagen is patented: Co-Enzyme Q10 and L-Carnosine.

Why is the combination of these two products so important?

Every time a cell divides in your body, the cell becomes weaker and weaker, until it can no longer divide, and your organ dies… which later of course means that you are the one who dies. Co-Enzyme Q10’s role is to provide energy every time your cell divides. Imagine the cell division is almost like an explosion that takes place. Usually the explosion weakens the cell, but what Co-Enzyme Q10 does, is use that explosion to supply cell energy. As a result, the cells do not weaken as quickly.

In addition to the above process, the role of L-Carnosine is then to encourage and increase cell division. In a study, epidermal cells were taken from the skin and divided into two test groups: Test group 1 cells were placed in saline water and test group 2 cells in an L-carnosine solution. The cells in the saline water solution lived 126 days, while the cells in the L-Carnosine solution lived another 417 days! The lifespan of the cells was thus extended by 300% by the addition of L-Carnosine.

Studies have shown that you should take 4-5 grams of collagen per dose for visible results, and we have already mentioned that a powder is best absorbed. So if you want to take collagen in capsule form, you will have to take 12 – 15 capsules at a time to be able to get to that amount. BMB Collagen contains 9 grams of collagen per dose! The reason for this is simple – Our product is of high quality. We do not want customers to drink it for 6 months before they can even find out if it works. Many of our clients experience a difference in as little as three weeks – the first signs are new hair growth, fine wrinkles on the face start to disappear, and people who visit  nail salons regularly, informed us that they need to visit much sooner now!

BMB Collagen is packed in 30 individual sachets – one for each day of the month. Enjoy one every morning (preferably before 12:00) by adding a sachet to a nice big glass with cold water.


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