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I’m on my third box!

Third box I am ordering. Both my partner and I use it and it has helped his painful knees. As well as energy levels. Great taste too!

Helps for my joint pain



My psoriase is weg!

Ek gebruik die produk al 5 maande. Ek het vir baie jare gesukkel met psoriase. Die psoriase is weg en my kopvel voel fantasties!

Hannelie J

Very good product

Very good product. Could see the difference in my nails, skin and hair after using it for a month. Definitely worth the money.

I love the product

I love the product.  I could see results after only a few days. My skin looks healthier and is plumper and fuller and not so full of wrinkles. The fact that the collagen was already in prepacked sachets was fantastic as when I went away for a night or two I could just take the sachets for the period I was away and it was a great space-saver.  It is also super convenient as it was already prepacked and measured out.  I love this product so much I will definitely buy it again. The taste is very pleasant and fruity.


Sleeping much better

Recommend this to anyone amazing with green tea in the morning and my sleep patterns have improved amazingly

Love the taste

I would definitely recommend this product. I can see a difference in my skin after 3 months using it and I love the taste.


Helps for my severe joint pains

I started using BMB collagen because I experienced severe joints pains and also would like to restore the collagen I am loosing and keeping my skin healthy. I started seeing results after 1 month. I then ran out of product and the pain slowly returned. I then started using it again and after 3 months I can feel the difference even if I might skip a day or two. I like to add it to my smoothie, or else I drink it as is. I like the flavour.


Major improvements in 3 weeks

The taste is great, the first supplement I have ever been able to take! Started seeing small improvements within the first week and major within 3 weeks. Absolutely awesome product!!!




Good product and I am satisfied with it


Helps for my osteoarthritis

This is an excellent product! I have osteoarthritis in my knees, but since I started using BMB collagen, I’ve been experiencing far less pain than I used to. Also, my skin looks much better than it used to, and my hair and nails are much stronger, so it definitely helps with that too. An added benefit: It tastes great! I would recommend this to anyone.

No more back-pain

I ordered my second box and I love the product. My skin is so much more hydrated. I had a back operation a couple of years ago and would some mornings wake up with a discomfort in my lower back. This has all gone. I was skeptical at first with all new products. But after using this product I will definitely recommend it to anyone.

Maak ‘n groot verskil!

Maak vir my regtig ‘n groot verskil! Sal nie sommer weer sonder dit kan wees nie!

Ria E

Works great

Third time I bought this product. Think it works great for me. It also has a great taste


Super strong nails, beautiful skin and hair.

I love my collagen. This is my 4th month using it. My nails are growing so fast and is super strong. Never had my own long nails. had to have them done, but now it’s not necessary anymore. My daughter complimented me on my skin. Don’t have blackheads anymore. My hair is shiny and beautiful


I can strongly recommend it!

This is a product I’ve been using for a while and I can strongly recommend it.

Feeling a difference after a week

Only been using this product for a week and already feeling the difference. Ill definitely will using the BMB Collagen for a long time. Excellent product


Happy customer

The best product I’ve been using in a long time. I can see the difference in my skin and body. Will continue buying this product. Happy customer. Whoop…whooop.


Fell in love with BMB Collagen in June 2019!

I started using BMB in June 2019, never skipped a month, +/- 22 boxes to date! Love the taste. I drink it first thing in the morning. I almost look forward to having my glass of BMB when I get up. I have done some research on other Collagen products but BMB outweighed them all. BMB is part of my monthly expenditure budget.

My skin is glowing and the sagging round the mouth and eye area seems less and firmer. I noticed a difference about 3 months after I started using BMB. My hair and nails are growing and in very good condition. The stiffness in my joints are less.


Best collagen on the market

For me this is the best collagen on the market. Just love this product




Good product

Good product very happy with the results.


Wonderful product

Wonderful product. I love the taste and it feels good that you know it is filled with health.

Softer complexion

I cannot remember how long (2-3 months?) and I know that it might not sound possible but my friends did compliment me on my hair and skin because I have a sagging complexion with hard lines and they say my complexion is softer. This was end of 2nd month.


Sorted out my jumpers knee and joint pain!

I bought this product based on the excellent reviews and I am so glad that I did. The taste us smooth and refreshing. I’ve already ordered my second box and can confidently day there is a wonderful difference in my skin. What I am really impressed by is its promise to help with joint pain. I play tennis and was suffering from ‘jumpers knee’. I felt massive relief within a week of taking this collagen and am back on the courts! Will highly recommend.

Pleasant tasting

Pleasant tasting. Mixes easily. Conveniently packaged


I recommend this product.

I would definitely recommend this product. I can see a difference in my skin after 3 months using it and I love the taste.

My friends is a walking example of how well the product works

I started using BMB Collagen after visiting a family friend who is in her seventies and who recommended the product to me. Her skin is glowing and firm, she is a walking example of how well the product works.


Nails are definitely stronger

I am on my second box this month. I did not see a real change in my skin and hair yet, but my nails are definitely stronger.

Best product ever

Love it !!!! Best product ever. And the taste is really good

My health is improving

I am using the product only 1 month and my experience is it definitely improving my health. Will recommend to other shoppers as I have did to my family and friends.

Huge improvement on my skin, hands and joints!

I absolutely love this product. It is easy to always have with me as the sachets fits easily into your handbag. I started seeing and feeling the results within 1.5 weeks after started using it. My skin looks more hydrated, even my hands doesn’t look so aged anymore. The stiffness in my joint have also improved since I started using the product. This is now part of my monthly shopping basket.

Delicious and convenient!

Delicious flavor. Delivers on its promise. Easier than a big jar and perfect for on the go.


The taste is amazing. I see a difference in my skin already.


Best collagen I ever used

Best collagen I ever used. Great tasting and can see the difference in my skin and hair. Love this collagen.

Could see a difference in my first month

Love the taste of your product and have been using your product for a year and it was within first month when I could see a difference in my skin.



Best product with clear results after only days. Quality through and through – thank you.

Love this product

Love this product. My skin doesn’t feel dry and tight anymore. Difficulty dissolving in ice cold water though, so would advise using room temperature water or tap water. Other than that, great taste and very refreshing to drink when I wake up.


Very happy!

Love it. Very tasty. Visibly smoother skin. Happy, very happy.


Good quality

Been using it for to short time to see results but it is easy to prepare and take. Dissolves easily and seems to be good quality.


I can’t go without this collagen

Excellent product! I can’t go without this collagen. For a while it was sold out, I emailed the company directly, and they sent me an email as soon as this product became available. I have ordered my third box. My skin is healthy and radiant (and looks as soft as a baby’s bum).


I’ll recommend this to all my friends

I can see a huge difference in my skin, hair and nails, as well as my mom’s (she is almost 70!). I’ve recommended BMB Collagen to friends and family, who are also raving about their results. A great thing for me is that the product is really tasty – I actually look forward to my daily dose!

Pyn in my knieë het 100% verbeter

Die produk het n baie lekker smaak. Ek drink dit eerste ding in die oggend. Ek het gevind dat die pyn in my knieë 100% verbeter en dit na net 1 maand se gebruik. My haarverlies was ook aansienlik minder en my hare het baie gesonder gelyk. Ek sou graag wou aanhou om die produk te gebruik want die ander produkte wat mens kry het vir seker nie dieselfde resultaat nie, maar op die stadium kan ek dit nie bekostig nie. Hoop dit verander in die toekoms.

M Fourie

Sien klaar ‘n verskil!

Ek het nou begin met my 2e maand en kan klaar ‘n verskil sien in my hare en vel!

Wilma V

My joint pains are gone

Since I’m using Blue Moon Collagen my pain in my joints are gone. I have tested this product over the past 6 months and as soon as I stop taking it my joints flame up, so it’s definitely working for me.



Supple skin

After using the product for 3 weeks I can see my skin is more supple, nails growing faster.

Fantastiese produk!

Drink dit ‘n maand en kan duidelik ‘n verskil sien en voel… fantastiese produk!

Madeleine H

Can see results after 1 week!

Results after 1 week’s consumption! I am very impressed with the product. Will order it on a monthly basis from now on. Definitely worth every cent.

Part of my monthly shopping list!

This is a great product. I’m using is for a week now and can already feel and see the difference. Will make this product part of my shopping list every month. Thank you.



Absolutely Delicious and very energizing. Its been 1 week only so still looking forward to see greater results


Not so stiff anymore

My joints feel much better not so stiff anymore and the taste is great!


Baie tevrede!

Hierdie produk is sy geld werd!

Ulanda M

Great for my hair and skin

Absolutely love this product! Great taste and works wonders for my hair and skin!

My skin looks much better

This is an excellent product! My skin looks much better than it used to, and my hair and nails are much stronger. It tastes great and I would recommend this to anyone.


Stronger nails, softer wrinkles

I like the taste of the product.  My wrinkles look softer and not so prominent and my nails are not so brittle – I just love this product!


Lots more energy

I love this product! I have lots more energy and just feeling good when I use it.

Very good product

It’s a very good product!


Gives me energy!

Taste great, and also giving me so much energy!!

Lots of energy!

This product is amazing really see results with the sagging of my skin, growing of hair and nails. Also feel energetic and not so tired anymore.


My gesig lyk so mooi!

Ek het vreeslik aknee gehad in my tiener jare… en het gaatjies oorgehou op my wange… Ek drink BMB Collagen, en het ‘n kollageen roompie ook. Wil graag my vel oppas. Ek is absoluut mal oor die produk. Dit is die eerste kollageen produk wat ek ‘n jaar terug begin drink het, en ek gaan ook nie ander produkte probeer nie. Na die eerste maand het ‘n kollega vir my gesê hoe mooi lyk my gesiggie. Dit het ook ‘n baie lekker smaak. Ek gooi sommer nog ‘n ysie ook by, en drink dit elke oggend as ‘n koeldrankie, saam met my vitamien pille.


Love this product

Absolutely love this product, I have suggested it to so many people and each and everyone using it now! Fantastic!!