BMB Collagen 330g (30 sachets x 11g each)

Collagen peptides or hydrolyzed collagen is a hydrolyzed form of collagen. Pep-tan is produced by a carefully controlled enzymatic hydrolysis producing much smaller and easily digestible collagen peptides.

Consuming hydrolyzed collagen allows your body to maximize the benefits that collagen has to offer. Pep-tan is derived from 100 percent natural sources and is free from any side-effects. These bio-active peptides contain more than 97 percent protein (on a dry weight basis).

Healthy skin Healthy hair and nails Joint health Heart health Heals leaky gut syndrome Much much more!

Immunadue 100 Capsules

Immunadue is 100% natural. It is a Multi-Vitamin and Mineral, as well as an Immune Stimulant and Modulator.

It is a stabiliser of you pH-levels which will help you with ailments like cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, gout, osteoporosis, only to name a few!

The raw materials in Immunadue are clinically proven to help with the ailments named above.

Furthermore it’s a multi vitamin and mineral and contains 28 amino acids!

Strong antioxidant
Immune modulator
Energy enhancer
Brain stimulant
Blood tonic
Stabiliser of the pH-levels in the body
Prevents colds and flu
Helps with forgetfulness
Enhances energy levels
Helps with concentration
Helps with colon and digestion problems
Enhances and rebuild the liver
Helps with diabetes
And much more!

Price calculation:
  • Collagen: R485
  • Immunadue: R145
  • Total Value: R630